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What is Cupping? 

Cupping gained its popularity during the 2016 Olympics when American swimmer Michael Phelps became known with pink round marks on his shoulders. After the Rio Olympics, I researched more about this cupping technique.  

First, there is nothing new about it. Cupping has existed for thousands of years in cultures such as China, Egypt, Greece and Iran. And for the most part, it has been used as a tool to relieve muscle problems. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cups / cups can facilitate the flow of "IQ" (life energy) into the body or life force. The cups physically create a vacuum on a person's skin, which reverses the pressure from the body pulling up on a tight, deep muscle tissue. This process then releases stagnant blood and lymph to flow freely. When you have increased your body's circulation this way, It can also help move oxygen and nutrients to all these tense muscles to detoxify and promote their healing.

There are both different cupping techniques (with fire, wet and dry cup) and materials (glass, hard plastic and silicone). In China, for example, the glass cups were used, leaving large red marks.  

Silicone cups that are softer and more flexible are more commonly used today for massage therapy. And just because they're soft, the therapist can control the degree of suction on a patient's skin. This allows you to adjust the intensity level. So if you prefer a light pressure massage, we can still take advantage of the effect of Cupping. Silicone cups can be used both stationary in a focused area and in motion ...  

The pink spots are just stagnant blood that is sucked up to the skin's surface. Most of the stains disappear within minutes while your body circulation returns it to your system. Some spots may last longer just because they tend to transport that blood more slowly. 

If you are going to a beach party, just tell your therapist so they can avoid Cupping in this area.