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What is the Kinesio taping? 

Kinesio Taping has become more widespread in Denmark over the past ten years. Especially among elite athletes. It is used, among other things, for the treatment of joint injuries, stretches, edema treatment, and in waiting up to (and after ) surgical procedures. 

The Kinesio taping technique was first used in 1973 by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese kinesiologist and chiropractor. His starting point for treatment is to normalize the body so that it can repair itself. Treatment with this kind of tape stimulates the physiological processes and increases blood flow in the area. The tape itself is corrugated, to increase mobility and make it easy to work. This means that the joints are not stabilized in a fixed position, but the tape supports and maintains the flexibility of the joint. If a muscle is strained, the tape is used to relax the muscles and increases blood flow in the area. If the muscle is not strong, it can be used to strengthen the muscle to help it achieve normal activity. When a muscle in the body does not work well, it affects the action of the surrounding muscles, wich causes imbalance and, in the long term, incorrect use, which often results joint and muscle pain.

Kinesio taping has four main features: 

1) Corrects muscle function 

Kinesio tape is effective in repairing abnormal muscle tension or strengthening weakened muscles. In addition, it is effective against muscle fatigue and cramps. 

2) Improves blood and lymphatic circulation 

It has a draining effect in the subcutaneous tissue during muscle contraction and relaxation 

3) Reduces pain

Neurological pain suppression occurs by applying kinesio tape to the affected area to provide greater protection 

4) Re-position after subluxation (if, for example, a shoulder is broken) 

In this case, kinesio tape has a purely stabilizing function.

Regardless of body part, kinesiotape can be used for many different types of pain and disorders, as a means of injury / illness prevention and for rehabilitation.