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percussion therapy


What is percussion therapy 

Percussion therapy improves muscle fiber repair by rapid bursts of pressure for a short duration, but with concentrated pulses that reach deep into the body's tissues. This increases the flow of blood to various critical areas, which dissolves the muscles, provides pain relief and increased mobility in the affected area. Percussion therapy causes the thick connective tissue to relax, helping to break down attachments and internal scar tissue, as well as improving circulation in the veins and lymphatic system. 

How does percussion therapy work

Using a handheld gun-like device placed on the desired area, it beats with gentle repetitive pressure pulses. This softens the muscle tissue in the area where intense stiffness and pain is experienced

How is percussion therapy different from traditional massage

By desensitizing the surrounding area of ​​a sore muscle with beats that shock the muscle fiber, we are able - without the great pains, to reach deeper into the affected area. With traditional massage, on the other hand, it can be difficult - with the bare hands, to penetrate completely into the deep areas and thus grasp the root of the problem. In addition, it is extremely painful as it has to be pressed very hard and worked longer on the same area.

What are the benefits of percussion therapy 

Percussion therapy helps relieve pain and increase recovery. Because percussion therapy is used to aggressively work and treat deep tissue muscles, it helps to increase blood circulation and oxygen distribution to different parts of your body, especially in the local area. This reduces muscle pain and cramps after exercise, which speeds up the body's ability to heal and recover. But percussion therapy is not only used after training, it is also used by some athletes as warm-up before a competition. Recent studies have shown that this therapy helps treat muscle fibers up to 30 times more effective than regular massage. In addition to balancing a muscle group, it is believed to relieve that fatigue and reduce physical stress in the joints and bones.

Who can use percussion therapy 

Percussion therapy is for anyone who is physically active or feels stiff / sore in the body. Athletes with sore muscles after training can achieve faster recovery and thus optimize their training. But even people who have a sore back after spending many hours at the office desk can benefit from percussion therapy to remove pain and increase mobility. Percussion therapy is effective and provides greater well-being.