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Sports massage for who and why

Sports massage is very popular for its effectiveness. It is aimed at athletes of all kinds, from professionals, to those who "jog" in their leisure time - or do not practice sports at all, yet practice some form of physical activity in their daily lives. 

Sports massage can be useful before and after training, as well as before and after a race / match. Different muscle groups are worked out specifically according to the sport that the athlete is involved in. Sports massage therapy is used both to improve pre-event preparation, to reduce recovery times for maximum performance, during training or after an event.

Many professional athletes use sports massage as an integral part of their training program as it both reduces fatigue, improves their endurance and prevents minor and severe injuries which will ruin their training preparations. 

By generally keeping the body in good condition, one can prevent muscle pain, loss of mobility, heal and restore mobility to damaged muscle tissue and increase performance as well as well-being. In addition, movements and touches have a major impact on the muscles, blood vessels and lymphatic system. In some phases, the massage is deeper and increases blood flow, allowing oxygen, fluids and nutrients to get in the right places, as well as removing waste.

Effects of sports massage

Sports massage also has a psychological effect. In fact, it can help reduce anxiety, especially thanks to the relaxing effects. It can also create a refreshing feeling and therefore give our body general well-being.