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One week report

Dear followers ..

Then a week has passed and every day a lot of new and exciting things have happened.

Achieving success requires a team effort

Have you been waiting to read the next post?

Then it comes here.

Today I want to introduce you to some of the amazing athletes who train on the team here in the camp. Because when a star is born, it requires the support of an entire team to hold and raise the high level. Therefore, these young people wake up every morning full of energy, to give their best with spirit and soul and contribute to the team.

Following athletes from Pickup

Today I followed the training from a Pickup, Toyota Land Cruiser, where I sat with the trainer, Eric. I'm still struggling to remember that these are driving on the left side of the road, so every time we get in the car, it looks like I want to drive. Today's program stood at 20 km in steep terrain.

Finally arrived to Kapsait

Here we are finally, after three flights and a couple of hours in the car, crossing enchanting and wonderful places, we reach the training campus of Kapsait at 3000m high. The time to settle in my new room, have dinner and hear the schedules for the next day, when I get to bed I fall into a deep sleep (in spite of the Time Zones and the altitudes).

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In Kenya as a therapist for Brigid Kosgei

2021 starts with a bang that takes us to Kapsait in Kenya to follow the female world record holder in Marathon, Brigid Kosgei. This is arranged in collaboration with WINTECARE and ROSA ASSOCIATI. It will be 9 days in a completely different environment, where I follow an athlete for the first time during a training phase.

Green Clay

What is green clay 

Green clay is not only a cosmetic ingredient, but it is also an excellent and simple remedy with many uses including for the treatment of swelling and inflammation and joint pain. 


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