Achieving success requires a team effort

The group consists of more than twenty people, four or five of whom may make it to the Olympics. Yet they do not give up. There is no envy - everyone supports each other. It is difficult to select a single person to tell about, as everyone has an important role and exciting story behind them. In addition to this impressive group of athletes on the Nike campus in Kapsait, there are, if I am not mistaken, about 180 students. They all go to athletics school. Eg. Edward, who has a great talent of 5000m, went to school last year.

He has recently become part of the elite group of the twenty. For example, Henry became a father for the second time in two months, even though living not far from campus, he trains and lives with everyone else. Another, less prominent person is Geoffrey, Brigid's pacemaker. It was he who dictated the opening speed of the Chicago marathon and then slipped away, leaving the stage to the queen of the marathon. Geoffrey has not yet competed in a marathon in his own category, but he hopes it will be possible to succeed in 2021.

Instead, it was Vivian who led Brigid to success in her final victory at the London Marathon in 2020. Maybe one day another will come and relieve Vivian from this task. On the team there is also a South African girl with a strong history. A few years ago, doctors gave her a few years back to live. Despite the illness she was then and still struggling with today, Annie is here - with the dream of qualifying and representing her country at the Olympics.

Hopefully this will happen soon as in a few weeks she has the opportunity to qualify for the Lagos marathon in Nigeria. One of the boys from Zimbabwe has the same goal. Yesterday afternoon, a truck loaded with food and other necessities arrived. Sent here by a sponsor.

This is proof of Brigid's success today. A success she has only achieved thanks to the efforts of the entire team.


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